The first step toward optimal health

During your first visit, we want to put you at ease and reassure you that from this day, you will be able to put the odds on your side to achieve your full health potential.

The objectives of this first visit are :

  • Learn to know you
  • Know your current overall health
  • Establish a diagnosis
  • Determine if chiropractic can help you, and if we need to refer you to another healthcare professional
  • For the first appointment, please allow yourself about an hour.

Initial Consultation

After filling out a health form, your chiropractor will ask you a few questions to clarify the reason(s) for your consultation, your health and your lifestyle in general.
Your chiropractor is there to listen to you, do not hesitate to tell him any concern you might have.

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Physical Exam

Once your profile is established, your chiropractor will identify the causes of your discomfort or pain.
The exam typically includes:

  • an exam of your posture and your joints
  • neurological and biomechanical tests of your spine and extremities
  • a manual palpation to detect your vertebral subluxations

After the exam, your chiropractor will be able to give a diagnosis and determine with you if chiropractic is an appropriate care for you.

Sometimes, your chiropractor may prescribe X-rays to help in his clinical approach. To do your X-rays, you have to take an appointment either at the CISSSBC or at the CLSC of Paspebiac.

Chiropratic Adjustment

If there is no contre-indication, your chiropractor can make a first adjustment.

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Second visit

After your first visit, you chiropractor will give you a report of findings and will propose a detailed healthcare plan tailored to your condition and your lifestyle. She may, if necessary, offer you to do some postural exercises, health tips and complementary care with another health professional. At that time, we will also be able to answer your questions, for example how long your care plan will last or the costs involved.

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The number of adjustments needed will depend on your condition. A healthcare plan is usually divided in three phases : the initial intensive care, the corrective care and the proactive or wellness care. Every phase will be more or less long depending on your health condition, your age, your physical condition or your lifestyle. Also, your healthcare plan will be reassessed during your progress and adjusted according to your results and your goals.

This will be the starting point of your healthcare plan; A journey during which we will work together so you will enjoy a long and healthy life with a nervous sytem that is expressed to its full potential.