You scheduled your first appointment at the Clinic Chiro Santé and made the first step toward optimum health!

If you want to save time, you can fill out our forms online.


  1. If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can click here to download it for free.
  2. Download the asked forms. You can either fill it out online and then send it back to us by email at the address chirosante@navigue.com, either fill it out by hand and fax it to us at the 418-392-7322 or bring it with you at your appointment.

New Patient – Case History

This form allows us to know your lifestyle and your health condition better.

  • Pediatric Case History (12 years old or less)
  • Adult History Case (13 years old or more)

New Patients – Consent Form to Chiropractic Care

This form explains the benefits and the risks of chiropractic treatments offered at the Clinic Chiro Santé, and allows you to take the right decision for you health and wellness.

Follow Up Exam 

This form allows us to evaluate your physical progress, but also yous psychological progress since your first appointment.

People who regularly see a chiropractor have a system 400% more efficient than people who don’t…