A dynamic team ready to guide you through your jouney back to optimum health

Dominic Lottinville DC

Chiropratic Doctor

Native from Trois-Rivières, I was raised in the same city I would become a doctor in chiropractic. Graduated from the UQTR in 2015, I began my career in various clinics of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region as a replacing chiropractor.

Being a sport and nature enthusiast, I was first appealed by the gaspesian large natural spaces. I am very fortunate for this career opportunity in a such beautiful and healthy environment!

I have always had a great interest in a healthy and active lifestyle which I like to share about. My professional practice is a diverse one since I enjoy working with sportspeople as much as with the whole family: from our toddlers to our cherished elders.

It is a pleasure meeting you!

Mariane Boulet

Chiropratic assistant

Proud to be Gaspesian, nature lover and well involved in my community.

My experience in customer service and as a specialized educator gives me a great understanding or the daily concerns that comes with chronic pain, accidents and disabilities.

People’s well being is my great concern and I feel privileged to welcome you at the clinic. When you come, you’ll find smiles, professional services and attentive listening. This is the source of my motivation in fulfilling my role among this team.

Francine Parent

Chiropratic assistant

Gaspesie is my adoptive homeland since 2014 and I am truly happy of it. I have retired from a 38 years long career as a registered nurse. Clinique Chiro Santé’s needs and my desire to reconnect with customer service made me accept this work as an assistant. I am glad to be part of this dynamic team, to kindly welcome you and to contribute to a better health for you. Speak to me in English, it will make me practice!

Chiropractic unlocks your ability to be healthier, stronger, faster and at peak performance… from the inside out


Our mission

Our mission is to allow everybody to express their full potential through the optimal expression of their nervous system.

Our values

Health – We consider health as an ultimate state of wellness that allows us to appreciate every second of our life and to be active in our community.

Communication – We take the time to listen and understand your needs, and to explain every option that we have to offer to you.

Education – We present the facts you need to know in order to make the best decision for yourself.

Respect – We always make sure to respect yourself and your decisions.